Mario Forever Galaxy


Help Mario and friends rescue the princess in the space


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Evil Bowser has kidnapped the princess and Mario and friends have to rescue her. For sure that you remember the story, but this time in this free game that uses the characters of the famous Super Mario Bros game, the way you'll rescue the princess is different, because now you'll have to pilot a spaceship and defeat the bosses of each level as you used to do in old scrolling spaceship games.

At first, you can choose the character you'll play: Mario, Luigi, Kinopio or Samus Aran (from Metroid), each one have different characteristics and powers, then you'll be immersed into a fascinating galaxy piloting a spaceship that can be powered up in a lot of ways. The more you power up the ship, the easier you'll defeat the enemies and the final bosses of each one of the 8 levels you'll have to pass to rescue the princess.

Good music, good graphics and a story that will hook you again. You have helped Mario and friends many times, but this time will be different. Don't hesitate it's free and you'll be hooked for hours.
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